You wouldn’t use Hip-Hop to add flavor to a western bar scene, so why use Mexican music to spice up a scene in Colombia.

Both might use accordions, it’s true, but for native Colombians and Mexicans the distinction is crystal clear, and the forced combination signals a cultural faux pas.

With the vast musical menu of Latin music available, we at Latin Music Specialists are fervently dedicated to creating music with unquestionable authenticity. We feel a tremendous responsibility to provide our clients with music that matches the growing number of Latino dramatic settings and situations – with music that provides a perfect cultural fit.

Our fierce dedication to authenticity was born, back in 1998, while watching a film in which the protagonist finds himself in Colombia. In the establishing shot, we see a plaza in a small town with a woman in a flamenco styled dress dancing to a Mexican mariachi-type band. This unreal, even ludicrous, combination, stemming from innocent cultural naivete, convinced us never to allow any of our clients to suffer such an embarrassment.

We go to great lengths to deliver consistent authenticity in our music, and our success is due, in part, to assembling a roster of enormously talented collaborators. Our team includes artists, writers, singers, musicologists, and instrumentalists from all corners of the Latin world-from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and beyond. In an effort to cover all the Latin music adaptation and fusion that has taken place in the U.S., we even employ Latin electronic dance DJs, rappers, and Hip-Hop artists from East LA, Miami, and the streets of New York.

From our inception, we set out to discover new, young, upcoming talent in each of the Latin American countries, help them develop and hone their proficiencies as artists and writers, and record and produce their fresh ideas. More importantly, our artist collaborators represent the real thing. Each of them expresses the authentic voice and sound of his or her culture or sub-culture, providing us with the confidence that we will consistently provide our clients with the right color for the right scene.

LMS Records, ( Latin Music Specialists indi record label, distributes and promotes its artists and music through 300+ digital channels around the world, including iTunes worldwide, Amazon, Bandcamp, Myspace, and many more.

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