Award-winning producer, composer, and songwriter Daniel Indart is widely respected in the entertainment industry as one of the most prolific and knowledgeable artist/executives in the world of Latin music.
With more than 200 of his own songs and original music licensed to major TV Series and Films, (fact that makes him the latin music composer with more songs on film and TV Series than any other latin composer of his generation) his music credits run the gamut of such high-profile film and television credits as the theme for the NBC series Kingpin and music for HBO’s The Sopranos to commercial work including campaigns for Miller Lite beer and Hyundai automobiles among many others.
As a music producer Daniel has produced over 60 albums. More than 600 of the songs he has produced have been featured in hit TV Series and major film blockbusters, and are currently distributed, streamed and sold via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and 300+ digital distributors worldwide.

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